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🧘‍♀️ As a Body Mind Teacher, I inspire women to Grow and Awaken!  

Are you ready to the next level of teaching?  

Hi, I'm Megan. . . I'm here to support your journey to grow from inside out. ‘Cause it’s inside where the real growth happens.  

  • Dealing with enormous stress?
  • Dealing with toxic emotions?
  • Longing to awaken your spiritual self?

I'm your girl! I can't wait to see your light shining in this world!!  

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  • Anxiety into hope  
  • Fall asleep fast 
  • Uncover power you didn't know exist
Take my life from blah to Ohm!

What people are saying. . .

"Megan you have been instrumental in guiding me through intense pain, showing me another way from my repetitive behavior (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and making this present experiences so wondrous. Thanks you. I send waves of love and gratitude to you."  

Yvonne M. - Veterinarian

"Megan has been an integral part of my self-realization journey. She was able to hold a loving and compassionate space when I could not do that for myself. She can not do the work for you, but she can and will hold your hand if you wish to visit the scarycorners of your phyche. I am very grateful to have a teacher who walks the talk. Every piece of work we do together brings more joyful feelings to my existence."  

Alex L. - Counselor

"Megan is a skillful, dynamic presence in working with groups. She is deeply perceptive , intuitive, open-hearted and wise. I greatly appreciate the work I have done with her which has helped me cut through blocks to being fully alive. Thanks you, Megan!"  

Elaine S. - Pathwork Helper

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Every service is designed to awaken your mind and body

Online Courses

Restore Balance: online program that aligns your body, emotions and energy to live in harmony with the seasons of the year.

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In Person Practice

Yoga Nidra: get in the groove with this relaxing practice.  

Third Friday of each month from 7:30 to 9:00 pm 

@ Luna yoga in downton Frederick, MD


Short audio meditations to calm, soothe and balance your nervous system.  

Free Gratitude Worksheet

Tap into the abundance of life  

Gratitude is a great tool to create a life of your dream. Claim this inspiring GRATITUDE WORKSHEET to transform fears into confidence. Anxiety into hope.


My services are most effective for: Yoga Lovers - teachers, dedicated students of yoga & meditation Wellness Professionals - therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors Psychology - professionals and students  

For spiritual warriors who know deep down that life has a deeper meaning and purpose. For those who understand that love, joy, and fulfillment are part of their DNA and are willing to claim it. For those who want to have deeper relationships, optimal health, and be fully alive!  


Work with a coach who has helped women all over the globe unleash their highest potential. 

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May your days be filled with

Shanti, Megan

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