About Me

Hi, I’m Megan. 

I like to call myself a spiritual being on the path of healing. Here's what I've learned: Our physical heart is longing to let go of the past and feel joy again. Even a non-stop chattering mind enjoys peace. Developing an intimate relationship with yourself is like finding your new best friend.

Why are you here? 

This is the place to learn to restore balance in your busy life through the art of self-care. Learn to create peace in your mind despite whatever is happening around you. Live in joy 'cause you deserve it! I’m here with all the resources you need.  

Why should you care? 

Because you’re here on this planet to leave suffering behind and create a meaningful life.

That’s the truth – your life is a gift to this planet. It’s a fact! You can transcend the past. Yes, you can change the world, one breath at a time.  

Let me show you how:

Peel the layers that hide your REAL self. Deepen your practice. Find a true connection to your core.  

The power of yoga is bringing together body, mind, and Source. Our challenge as a spiritual student is to do that while having fun. Meditation focuses your mind. Your body is poetry in motion. Choreograph and conduct this beautiful union. Isn’t it wonderful how you show up to your mat seeking help and inspiration every week?  

I support yogis to take their skills and confidence to the next level. My programs aim to awaken your REAL self. 

It turns your practice into a wellspring of growth and inspiration.  

Is it true you only work with yoga teachers?

That’s a rumor. My mom likes to tell people that. In truth, the path of yoga is for EVERYBODY who wants to live in union with their mind, body, and emotions.  

What if I’ve never practiced yoga? Can you still help me?  

 Yes. I serve those who seek to connect to their authentic Self. When you know your Self, you can claim your VOICE. Once you claim it, you communicate and inspire with real connection. I’ll guide you along this path.

I want to learn from you. What should I do next?  

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