"Megan is a skillful, dynamic presence working with groups. She is deeply perceptive, intuitive, open-hearted, and wise. I greatly appreciate the work I have done with her which has helped me cut through the block to being fully alive. Thank you, Megan!"

Elaine Shaw

"Megan has been an integral part of my self-realization journey. She was able to hold a loving and compassionate space when I could not do that for me. She can not do the work for you, but she can and will hold your hand if you wish to visit the scary corners of your psyche. I am very grateful to have a teacher who walks the talk. Every piece of work we do together brings more joyful feelings to my existence."

Alex Lipine

"Megan has a natural ability to connect people to the wonderful world that opens up when you invite yoga into your life. I have taken Megan’s yoga classes for the last two years. I greatly appreciate her teaching style. She also makes her classes fun and brings many aspects of yoga practice into her yoga teaching. Megan always takes time to explain the correct way of getting into a pose and offers many variations for students of different ability levels. I have recently started yoga teacher training and Megan has been a very valuable resource for me whenever I needed help. She helped me understand the different ways of sequencing a class. She also took the time to share her own resources and knowledge to deepen my understanding of the asanas.


"Megan you have been instrumental in guiding me through intense pain, showing me another way from my repetitive behavior (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and making these present experiences so wondrous. Thank you, send waves of love and gratitude to you."

Yvonne Muse


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