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Opening to presence: a spiritual awakening practice

Presence is a state of being. It lies dormant inside each of us, waiting to be brought to life. It's radiance infuses us confidence and wisdom.  

This audio meditation helps you to tap into the center of your being: and connect to your most sacred self.  

These meditations are a gateway to deepen your practice and develop an intimate relationship with your physical, emotional, and energetic body.

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Cultivating gratitude: a meditation & journal practice

Gratitude is the highest level of vibration in the Universe. When you're grateful, you release all negative thoughts. When you live in a state of gratitude all sort of abundance flows to you.

This audio guided meditation assists you to establish your daily gratitude practice. Grounding your physical body, openning your heart to trust the flow of life, and releasing emotional imbalances.  

You’ll receive a audio meditation and beautiful PDF journal pages to ground and integrate your gratitude practice to your daily life.